AI4DEVS: Issue #9

Dive deeper into the white rabbit hole

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Last issue introduced a few deep-dive concepts in machine learning. This week, we approach some advanced topics, talk about robotic dogs and discuss AI applications in solving everyday problems.

Here are our top picks of the week!

Neural Networks have been bosted with a new topological All-MLP architecture proposed by Mostafa Ibrahim. It's something pretty experimental but is the very first Computer Vision Neural Network without convolutional blocks.

Medical applications of AI spawn every day, often joining together different managed services. Building a strong medical notes analysis platform based on semantic search and natural language processing could increase and Amazon Kendra are super cool, except for the pricing. If you can afford a few thousand dollars per month, this gives a great value for your money.

Going down the expensive rabbit hole, the best Covid19 city detector assistant out there is definitely Spot, the robotic dog from Boston Dynamics. 75K dollars are not for every pocket, but it's a robot dog! :-)

Sometimes, using an AI model doesn't require writing a single line of code, as in Bilal Ali with fraud predictor from the AWS console. I am not a huge fan of manual workflows. Still, this use case is definitely suitable for many business applications.

Following last week's post on data processing pipeline with Machine Learning, Jay Rao, Bobbie Couhor, Nikiforos Botis, and Seb Kasprzak show how to build a document translation pipeline, the serverless way.

In this new video course from AWS Machine Learning Hero Noah Gift shows how to get started with Computer Vision on AWS in just 30 minutes, with a lot of introductory stuff.

Upcoming events and announcements

The SageMaker month is coming to an end

Starting from April 20th for one month, AWS will publish content, announcements, and use cases about Amazon SageMaker. Be sure to check out the updated recap every day or come back here for selected top picks!

AWS Machine Learning Summit Registration now open

This long-awaited event is back in a fully virtual fashion, on June 2nd in the Americas and June 3rd in Europe and Asia with a day full of top-level speakers. Be sure to reserve your spot!

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