AI4DEVS: Issue #8

It's time to dive deep into machine learning!

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Last issue discussed what has been presented at NVidia GTC, space, and food application of machine learning. This week, we start deep diving into more advanced machine learning applications, concepts, and how to get started!

Here are our top picks of the week!

One of the best tools in a data scientist belt is Random Forests, involved in predicted modeling. Dick Brown offers a gentle introduction to Decision Trees.

Modern Machine Learning requires an engineering approach to model management through pipelines. Everyone willing to bring custom ML in production should consider this post carefully.

In 2021, AI is facing many challenges related to model explainability. We just started exploring this topic, but it is going to become pervasive in the coming years. A clear understanding of how a model makes predictions is a must-have to adopt ML in many critical fields (did I say financial risk evaluation?)

AWS Community Builder Janos Tolgyesi just published a great article about how to perform cross-validation in a serverless fashion. This is a great use case of AWS StepFunctions to lift multiple data splitting burdens for model robustness.

Recommender systems are a straight application of ML model analysis. Martin Mladenov presents a flexible, scalable, and differentiable approach implemented in Tensorflow

Upcoming events and announcements

####It's the SageMaker month Starting from April 20th for one month, AWS will publish content, announcements, and use cases about Amazon SageMaker. Be sure to check out the updated recap every day or come back here for selected top picks!

AWS Machine Learning Summit Registration now open

This long-awaited event is back in a fully virtual fashion, on June 2nd in the Americas and June 3rd in Europe and Asia with a day full of top-level speakers. Be sure to reserve your spot!

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