AI4DEVS: Issue #7

It's SageMaker month!

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Last issue presented AI in medicine, NLP, and serverless adoption AI. This week we start unwrapping what NVidia GTC, space, and food have in common, while we enter the SageMaker month!

Here are our top picks of the week!

Just at the beginning of its annual conference, NVidia CEO Jensen Huang, announced the availability of its massive parameters NLP model. Since the cool thing in language processing nowadays are transformer models, this trillion parameters model could have no other name than Megatron.

This pandemic situation made clear we need more empathy and emotions to be shared. The Washington Post tries to fill this gap joining poetry and generated Art using GANs. Check out this issue's picture to make yourself believe on the full potential of this technology

Cooking can be art on its own, but mixing different flavors is not something for every taste. Now FlavorGraph uses AI to predict how two ingredients will pair togheter

This application of computer vision classification, to catalog Distant Galaxies from Penn University, is a cool massive leap into a better understanding of our not so close neighbors.

Upcoming events and announcements

####It's the SageMaker month Starting from April 20th for one month, AWS is going to publish content, announcements, and use cases about Amazon SageMaker. Be sure to check out the updated recap every day or come back here for selected top picks!

AWS Machine Learning Summit Registration now open

This long-awaited event is back in a fully virtual fashion, on June 2nd in the Americas and June 3rd in Europe and Asia with a day full of top-level speakers. Be sure to reserve your spot!

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