AI4DEVS: Issue #4

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Last week we discussed how AI can be introduced to executives, self-driving cars, and reinforcement learning. Today we go into something that is living a renaissance in machine learning: Natural Language Processing or NLP for short.

Here are our top picks of the week!

Speaking of managed services for AI, in just three months, Amazon Lookout for Metrics went from preview to General Availability providing a managed solution to detect anomalies on multi-dimensional time-series datasets. This is a game-changer because it raises the bar of outlier detection for everyone without prior machine learning knowledge.

To improve your data science skills, AWS Evangelist Julien Simon shows how to train an NLP state-of-the-art machine learning model using Amazon SageMaker Hugging Face Estimator, to achieve text classification, categorization, and summarization. Quite an advanced topic, but Julien videos offer great takeaways.

From the community, one of my weekly favorites and the only not language-related link in this issue, shows how Computer Vision can improve your pets’ security, whether you want to detect dangerous animals coming to hunt them. Alex Schultz shows how AWS panorama can help to protect your pets.

On the research landscape, it's amazing to see how far OpenAI GPT-3 is being widely adopted, outlining a great interest from its market applications.

Even if some good results come from question answering, some challenges remain to be addressed to provide a human-like experience.

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This newsletter would haven’t been possible without ML specialists’ joint efforts and AWS Heroes Gillian Armstrong, Pavlos Mitsoulis Ntompos, and Alex Schultz.

A special mention to Cameron Peron and Alex Casalboni for their steady support and incentive to raise the bar for the community, pushing more people to embrace Artificial Intelligence.

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