AI4DEVS: Issue #3

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Last Week we explored how Computer Vision evolved through time and became a commodity in just a few years. This week we discuss what an executive should know about AI in 2021 and some interesting cool vision-related applications that range from kids gaming to traffic management. So, without further ado, let's start!

Here are our top picks of the week!

Colleagues and friends often ask me to provide them a gentle introduction for their manager, explaining what AI is in plain English and why it is becoming so widely adopted these days. Thanks to Guy Ernest and his executive introduction to AI and deep learning now I have a great "from zero to 0.1%" guide to explain to people what happened in the last 60 years or so.

The self-driving car's future is something we've dreamed of for many years since the 1982 Knight Rider pilot episode! Today we are approaching them, but the funny part is AI can also help traditional cars, becoming smart as the city of Santa Cruz did with traffic management. This is a real-life application you can view right today, presented with a deep discussion about the implications it could have for safety and monitoring.

Going deep into the technical part, many data scientists out there started crunching COVID-19 data to help people dealing with the pandemic. Pavlos Mitsoulis had an original and interesting approach is to use reinforcement learning to plan COVID-19 test kits distribution. This is not only helpful but can also be adapted to solve resource distribution problems such as logistic, groceries, etc.

Finally, Agustinus Nalwan shows AI can be fun for your kids too, having them playing eagles and strange animals through a 3D virtual world

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