AI4DEVS: Issue #2

Looking into managed computer vision applications.

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Last Week we kicked off this newsletter presenting ready-to-deploy solutions that can have broad applications in our everyday lives. From COVID-19 diagnosis to text analytics, we’re facing an endless landscape of applications. It all started a couple of years ago with computer vision. Now ML models are being adopted into mainstream applications. Starting from the very first VGG model, Computer Vision using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) became mainstream with many applications. This week we explore some fascinating use cases.

Here are our top picks of the week!

Amazon Science presented a whole set of innovative applications of computer vision technologies. All of them are worth reading, but Duke Center for Autism’s work deserves a special mention having applied computer vision to screen children.

AWS ML Hero Mike Chambers shows in a super cool video how to classify Lego bricks using Rekognition. Mike is a great showman, the video is terrific, and the project shows you step-by-step how to use computer vision with ease through managed services. It makes the point AI is becoming pervasive in every aspect of our everyday lives.

Going into technical stuff, AWS Germany, we have an old but good use case showing how to use Amazon Rekognition to build a product recommender without training a model from scratch.

I love when people overload already available solutions with new applications. It’s the case of Olalekan Elesin showing how to use Amazon Lookout for Vision to build a great embedded product, starting from a RaspberryPi. That’s a good idea, and I am going to try a similar approach soon.

Managed services provide a great out-of-the-box solution to many use cases, but still exist niches that could benefit from ad hoc model training. Whether this is your case or you are just interested in transfer learning, this great post is your one-stop-shop

About the AI4DEVS

AI4DEVS is a weekly selection of curated AI news selected from the internet by a community of professionals to help you add a bit of AI in your next project or better understand its applications.

This newsletter would haven’t been possible without ML specialists’ joint efforts and AWS Heroes Gillian Armstrong, Pavlos Mitsoulis Ntompos, and Alex Schultz.

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